Dr. Do Seiha, Currently is working as the Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, and in his own private practice. He has received his MD degree at the Second Tashkent State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan ( Former USSR ) in 2003.

He completed his Residency Training in 2006 in Cambodia and got the scholarship for the Fellowship Training in Clinical and Surgical Ophthalmology at the Lion Eye Institute, University of Western Australia from 2006 to 2008.

Prof. Do Seiha has been actively involved in the Prevention of Blindness activities in the country as worked as the Vice Chairman of National Program for Eye Health and National Coordinator for the prevention of Blindness and VISION 2020 of the Ministry of Health. Also, Prof. Do Seiha is the Vice Chairman of the Cambodian Ophthalmological Society.

Prof. Do Seiha has attended and be the speaker in several National and International Ophthalmology Conference /Congress/ Meeting in overseas such as England, Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, Viet Nam, Singapore, Malaysia, United States, and in the country. His has performed over 10,000 eye surgeries and over 20,000 eye treatment and including Cataract, Gluacoma, Pterguim, eye injuries, strabismus, oculoplasty, Vitrectomy and pediatric eye condition.

Prof. Do Seiha Eye Clinic provive a wide range of eye care service and Eye surgeries such as General Eye Check up Cataract Glaucoma Pterguim Vitrectomy Strabismus and Oculoplastic Dr. Do Seiha Eye Clinic will provide you the best eye consultation at the International Standard in Cambodia.

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General Eye Check Up - Cataract - Glaucoma - Pteryguim - Oculoplastic Vitreo-Retina & Strabismic Surgeries

Eye Health Education

We have all been told by someone at some time, “You’ll hurt your eyes if you do that!” But do you really know what is or is not good for your eyes? Test yourself with the following true or false statements and see how much you know about your eyes. Reading in dim light is harmful to your eyes False. Using your eyes in dim light does not damage them. For centuries, all nighttime reading and sewing was done by candlelight or with gas or kerosene lamps. However, good lighting does make reading easier and prevent eye fatigue. Using computers can damage your eyes. False. Working on computers or video display terminal (VDTs) will not harm your eyes. Often when using a VDT for long periods of time, just as when reading or doing other close work, you blink less often than normal. This reduced rate of blinking makes your eyes dry, which may lead to feeling of eyestrain or fatigue. Try to take regular breaks to look up or across hem room. Looking the objects farther away often relieves the feeling of strain on your eyes. Keep the monitor between 18 to 24 inches from your face and at a slight downward angle. Also consider the use of artificial tears. If your vision blur or your eyes tire easily, you should have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist.

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